Xi'an SR Bio-Engineering Co.,Ltd

About Us
Xiansenran Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the northern suburb of Xi'an Fengcheng Rd National Economic and Technological Development Zone,Website:http://www.plantextractsr.com, is a research, development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Mainly engaged in natural plant extract the active ingredients, purification, refining processing, technology transfer, technical cooperation and other services.
Products and services
Brazilian berry extract, tongkat ali extract,Damiana extract,Catuaba extract,Huanghuang Brazil wood extract,Cabinda bark extract,yacon powder,jujube extract, Maca extract (powder), velvet extract,Kaqi Fatimah extract,Cistanche extract,Cynomorium extract,Ganoderma extract,Inonotus extract,wolfberry extract,bitter melon extract,okra extract,Fruit extract ,Vegetable extract,Herbal extract